Thursday, March 20, 2008

answered prayers

Today was Grace's tonsil & anenoid surgery. She sailed right through it, despite having a low at around 3 am, for which I had to give her some apple juice. The Dr was ok with that, though he became a little upset when he realized someone had scheduled us later than first. It's his policy (and most surgeons' as well, I believe) that patients with diabetes will have the first slot of the day. Everything did go great though, and Grace is now home resting.

Also, we were concerned about selling our car, since it is older, has somewhat mid-to-high mileage, and several things didn't work on it (cruise control, for one). But we discovered the two magic points to selling a car: "Cold A/C," and "Good MPG." We had parked the car on Monday evening at my brother's house with signs in the windows. Tuesday we had two calls, and Wednesday another person called, who ended up being the buyer. I don't think we've ever gotten rid of a car that quickly! Definitely answered prayer there!

If you want to see a pic of me and my friend Angela Caswell performing together at the MI Ladies' Advance, click here.

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Thehotrod5 said...

I am so glad she came through ok!