Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another loss and our trip

Well we made our trip to Montana, left a couple of days early since Lane was let go from his job the week before over a misunderstanding.... So we departed Thursday evening and arrived in Bozeman late Saturday afternoon at my sister's.

On Monday afternoon I began to bleed. It was very little at first so I was hoping it was going to be ok, but later in the evening it became heavier. I am pretty disappointed, as you can read in my previous post, this time around felt much more convincing, so I was pretty surprised that it ended.

While staying in Bozeman, we were able to assemble with the saints there on Lord's Day for morning and evening. We got to go to the Hot Springs in Gallatin Gateway, shopping a little in Bozeman, and had coffee and a couple of dinners with friends. We stayed there till Wednesday morning, when we left to go "surprise" Lane's parents in Deer Lodge, where they live, on the way to Missoula. Lane's sister was planning a big family get-together around Mercy's birthday party. Her birthday was Tuesday but they held the part on Wednesday. Too bad Dad & Mom Smith were wise to the plan and not too surprised to see us, but very happy nonetheless! We didn't stick around Deer Lodge very long, but left for Missoula and arrived in the late afternoon there at Joe & Lisa's.

The girls loved staying there-- Joe & Lisa have a good old dog, Pooger, two horses, and a few chickens. Grace loved going out in the morning and afternoon to "pick out eggs." We prepared for the big anniversary party and it was held on Saturday afternoon. Dad & Mom both loved and enjoyed the song I sang for them (Lane announced it as our gift to them), and that made me very happy to have been able to contribute. While at Joe & Lisa's, Joe got Lisa a new dog, a Saint Pitt (St. Bernard and Pit Bull mix, hmmmm). It's a girl and they named her Seeley, after Seeley Lake, the city in which Joe got her. She is very playful and really liked my flippy black skirt...

We were able to assemble with the saints in Missoula on Thursday at their Bible study and again on Lord's Day morning. Mr. Miller was very gracious to not publicly announce that we had no Bibles with us, as it seems someone snatched them out of our van while we were in Bozeman--- they were in the church building in Bozeman when we returned there that evening.

We stayed on more night in Bozeman and got to eat a ginormous Ribeye steak breakfast with Tom & Lorrie Geer, along with Riley. Emily & Noah were at school. Along with the huge steaks we also had some great coffee, cheesey hashbrowns and fried eggs. What a great sendoff!

Then it was a short drive off to Billings to visit with Larry & Karin in their very new-to-them home. I think Karin said that today they will have been there for 2 weeks. It was good to be able to have them entertain us for once-- since they've moved out west, we have hosted them each time they come to Michigan, but this time Karin enjoyed fixing us dinner. We ate and visited with them and Mike & Amy Ferguson were also able to come to visit. Mike and Amy were married six days after us. We hadn't seen those two since I was pregnant with Grace, and they hadn't yet had any kids. Now they are blessed with two awesome kids, Luke and Becca.

Well I guess I need to cut this off. Our trip went great, we arrived home late this morning. Now we're preparing for the weekend, our Michigan Ladies' Advance-- great fun!

GM has called Lane back, by the way, but no date yet. He is raring to go!


Minkydo said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. So sorry for you loss. (((Iana and family)))

A Journey of a Mom said...

I'm so sorry. Glad you're not giving up. You all will be in my thoughts.