Saturday, August 26, 2006

Explanation for cerealdust

Thought I'd explain the use of the term "cerealdust." You can ask anyone who knows me pretty well that if I ever had a band, its name was going to be cerealdust. It would have been a punky-rocker-chick kinda band, like BarlowGirl and Super Chick, but then, I never knew anyone who played guitar except my oldest brother, and I don't think there was a soul in the world that would want to hear me belt something out and then add a great alto sax riff to it....well, at least not a punky-rocker-chick riff.
So, back to cerealdust. Growing up with diabetes (I crossed that threshold a few years ago where "I've had it longer than I haven't"), the only sugar-sweetened cereal I was "allowed" to eat was Frosted Mini Wheats, and invariably, when it got to the bottom, NO ONE was willing to eat the crud that sloughed off said Mini Wheats while they were still mingling in the box. No one, that is, but my mother. *sniff* I miss mom. She and my step-dad moved out of state almost 3 years ago. Before that, I'd never lived further than 15 miles from her.
Hence cerealdust is an odd throwback to my mother, and how she really made me grab diabetes by the horns and use it to my advantage, if that can actually be done. It can, by the way. I've got a piece from Erma Bombeck I'll post later along those lines.
(yes, in case you read my other blog I started, this was copied, but I still wanted to make sure everyone could read it!)

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