Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh yeah, another update

Forgot to add, we have been looking high and low for a decent vehicle that is capable of making a cross-country trip. We didn't want a loan, so we were mostly looking at private sales. One day last week when Lane got home from work, he was driving the truck around town to keep it starting (not using it much right now), and he spotted a Ford Aerostar.

It's older, a 94, but it has only 44,000 miles on it, nearly perfect exterior with very little rust, and is in great running condition. The only thing wrong, a brake line, will be fixed this coming weekend, and we will be buying the van the following Monday or so. Best part is, I looked up the value on Kelley Blue Book ( and the asking price is a little more than half of what it's worth! And I'm very pleased that since we got our taxes filed and the refund is being deposited on Friday, that we'll have a couple of weeks to drive this thing around and get used to it, as well as get all the fluids flushed and any other necessary work done, before our long trip. Oh yeah, and get this: it's got electronic all-wheel drive! I've never heard of a Ford van having all-wheel drive before, only Chevy Astros. Overall, we feel like we're getting quite the deal.

Is it any surprise that this was after Lane had been praying about it for weeks on end? *BIG smile*

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Minkydo said...

Glad you found a van. Hope everything is going well for you :)