Saturday, January 12, 2008

Updates All Around

Well, a long while back I promised some updates, and since then, so much has happened. So I'll try listing them by family member to lower confusion rates.


Well thankfully, the only thing the little one has had to deal with has been persistent upper respiratory infections. But other than that, she's keeping well and growing. I've decided we need to get her nap in before noon or give up on it altogether, as she fights bedtime more and more of late. Who knew 3 year olds were so argumentative? Ha!


Let's see.... On Oct. 27, Grace had a sleep study. Multiple health issues brought us to this, including repeated/prolonged bouts of strep throat. Her last bout was from Sept 20 till mid October. She has also seen an ENT doctor. He wanted to see her back in two more months, as the illness she'd just gotten over could have still kept her tonsils swollen when he first saw her. SO thankfully, she stayed well that whole time, which was necessary for him to even look at her tonsils. They were just as huge as ever, and it helped that the doctor from the sleep center said that she does have mild sleep apnea due to the tonsils, and he believes that their removal will resolve her apnea. I am hoping this will resolve her nightly bedwetting, as we have eliminated all other causes for that, other than her body just plain catching up, or maybe something emotional. Don't tell Lane I said that... 'Psycho-babble!'

The first follow-up we had at the sleep center was with a different doctor than I mentioned, and that doc thought he saw some 'seizure-like' activity at points during her sleep study, so in November or December (sorry my blurry mind can't remember!) she had an EEG as well, but it came back normal. Also, we got to have her wear a continuous glucose monitor for a three-day span, and got to see what her blood sugars actually do after her meals and during sleep, etc. It was very interesting to see how quickly she can be rising or falling. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very usual 3-day period for her, I'm hoping we may be able to do another that is during the school week instead of over the weekend-- she tends to feel lows at school when her bg reads normal, and hopefully we can find if she's dropping quickly at those times.

Grace is doing great in school too, so we're very thankful that she is able to keep up even in the midst of all these health issues. She's even learned that shots and getting blood drawn doesn't hurt so bad after all. She had her 'annual' blood draw at the Endocrinologist's office in December, and also her chicken pox booster and flu shot the next week. She also had her seventh birthday at the end of November, wah! We keep trying to tell these girls to stop growing, but they never listen!


Only major update here is that Lane's been off work for the last week. GM laid him off, but we know this time will be much easier than last time. He's applying for jobs and 'unenjoyment' (his word), and since we're finally caught up with bills for once, this lay-off won't hurt so much as the last few have. He's taking some time to do things around the house, and keeping up very nicely with cleaning at the school. A friend of ours happened to get laid off from his job the very same day, though they didn't know ahead of time as we did. Both the guys are applying for overseas jobs too.


This brings us to me, and perhaps the most lenghty of all updates, ha! Since the pregnancy in October, I have had medical insurance as well, so I've been getting all kinds of things taken care of. All the normal womanly stuff; stocking up on insulin, test strips, and synthroid; trying to find a dentist, but not many take what coverage I do have; trying to figure out what happened with my weird body that decided to get preggo in the first place (nothing definitive was found-- apparently my tubes are still tied!); and I also got my own sleep studies done at the sleep center. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and am working on getting my CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure-- keeps the airway open while sleeping) next week. I got to spend one night at the clinic wearing one, and the next day was just phenomenal! I wasn't tired till almost 11:00 that night, and normally I'm wanting a nap in late morning and again in early afternoon-- don't let it fool you though, I rarely get either! Lane even noticed that my under-eye circles weren't as dark.

I was also trying to get a new insulin pump for myself since the one I have just turned 8, ancient as far as pumps go. The technology in it is far outdated, and I'm just worried that it will up and die on me some day. So I figured that since I had coverage, I might as well try. Too bad that thought didn't occur to me till the end of November... The insurance I have has a standard 45-60 day pre-authorization wait for upgrading an insulin pump. Please don't ask me why they want to make an 8-year pumping veteran wait that long, when I know tons more than any newbie would, and yet a newbie just starting out pumping (on the same insurance) can have their pump in hand 2-3 weeks after filling out paperwork. I know this because this is the same insurance Grace has, and we had her pump less than 3 weeks after filing papers. I don't have a problem with the speed that newbies are given, I just wonder why it takes so much longer for veterans... craziness. So, earlier in November, my caseworker (with the ins.) misinformed me about when my coverage terminated. And since I called the pump company in December, and I thought my coverage ended Dec. 31, we all thought it was pointless to continue to process an order, and cancelled it. Everyone I spoke with at the pump company said if I had till the end of January, they might be able to push it.

Then two days ago, I got a letter in the mail stating my coverage lasted till Jan. 31st. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! So I got on the phone pronto to see if we could do anything to expedite an order, the very kind lady who has been working with me is doing all she can. I'm praying, nothing more I can do now.

I also had repeated sinus infections, and now I wonder how much of that could be from the sleep apnea? Who knows, we'll probably see soon enough!

So, I hope that this is sufficient to update all my three readers (Hi, Mom, Angela, and... um... ok, TWO readers. *blush*). Enjoy your January! Maybe if I get motivated I'll post my menus later.


StevePocetaMD said...

I wrote about tonsils and sleep in kids after reading your blog post. See

Thehotrod5 said...

Well it's about time LOL. J/k Sorry to hear about all the health issues and glad that Grace is pulling through like a little trooper! As for you, I hope you get your new pump and CPAP soon!!! The people that I know that use it says it works WONDERS! With 2 little ones I know you need it! Also, We are already translating the song east from west...hopefully we can get it together soon!!!

Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

welcome back to blogging!

Laura said...

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I'm just a mother, worried about my kids and willing to help those I come across in the internet.
All the best