Friday, October 19, 2007

the (not-so) short version

Maybe I'll even post the long version later on, but here is most of today in a nutshell:

Normal morning stuff, get Grace to school.

Have Dr appt at 12:45 for ultrasound. Dr can't see much, sends me downstairs to radiology for better ultrasound, but first for another hCG draw. Calls down before U/S is over and wants us back upstairs in his office.

My hCG has dropped now (last time only rose about 50, where it should have doubled), so he is now sure it's either ectopic or miscarriage. Not wanting to take chances on the possibility of ectopic, he decides on methotrexate injection; this will stop the growth process since the baby cannot survive anywhere outside the uterus, where it was not seen on either U/S.

SO, back downstairs for another blood draw, this time to check my liver and kidney functions, and then to outpatient surgery unit (not sure why "surgery") for the methotrexate injection. One shot in each arm, wait 15 minutes so they can see if I have an allergic reaction, and then we're done. Picked up dinner and then picked up girls.

Got home about 7:15. Poor Lane crashed, has been in bed since about 8. I'll be going in soon myself.

Dr will do more hcg testing next week to make sure levels have gone down, and then in a couple of months, we'll do a dye test to see what the conditions are for my tubes, whether we can expect this to happen again or not. And plan from there.

As short as I could make it; it was a long day! Thanks to all who were praying, the Lord has certainly carried us through the last 11 days.

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Jenileigh said...

Iana~I'm so sorry. I read your blog from the bottom up so it was backwards for me. Thank you for the prayers and visiting my blog. I pray the Lord comfort you!!