Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!!

1) each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves
2) people who're tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things & post these rules
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here's 8 random things about me!

1~ if for some strange reason I were to marry again, and my new husband's last name started with T, my initials (if I'd kept them all from the start, that is) would spell IMLOST. Incidentally, if something happened to Lane, I WOULD be lost!!!

2~ I'm the baby of my family. On both sides after my parents remarried, I was still the youngest. No contest on my step-dad's side: sister and brother are 4 and 5 years older. On my step-mom's side though, sister is 3 years older, but brother is only older than me by 16 days. One time we really fooled a waiter at Bill Knapp's (we were there for our birthdays, sometime right in between them), making him think we were twins delivered that far apart. He just looked at my step-mom and commented that the labor must have been terrible. She just nodded with a smile. He was wearing a pin that said, "Be nice to me, I'm new."

3~ I was the first graduate of the Christian school at our church.

4~ my family is strong living proof that both type 1 and type 2 diabetes have genetic factors. 2 generations of type 2 and 3 generations of type 1.

5~ I was in band while in public school (waving at fellow band nerd Angela), played alto saxophone, with short stints on French Horn and for one piece in high school I played the bells and marimba. Band was the only reason I didn't pursue going to an advanced-placement type school for math & science. If I'd gone to that school, I'd have had to drop band.

6~ our younger daughter's name is Mercy. There are 3 years and 4-1/2 months between the births of our two girls. When Grace was born, Lane picked Mercy's name ("if we have another girl..."). It took that amount of time for her name to 'grow' on me. I didn't want anyone to think we were 80's freaks and that Mercy was short for Mercedes. Later on I looked up Mercedes in a baby name book. It's Spanish for Mercy. Go figure. Lane calls her Mercedes regularly now. LOL

7~ we have owned I think 12 different vehicles since marrying almost 8 years ago. Only one was a standard transmission, and I still can't drive those, though my brother Blaine says I do well in reverse.

8~ I took my first plane trip two weekends ago to Colorado for my brother Dan's wedding. Flying was great, the wedding was awesome! The dehydration/elevation headache was not so great.

Tagging: MJ, BreadLaDee, Minkydo, Jaybird, Leni (Sorry gals, I don't have too many blogging friends!)


Leni said...

If you go to my archive, scroll down or search for 7 Random Facts. ;o)

Leni said...

I meant to leave you a link to the specific archive!


Iana said...

cheater! ;oP ok I'll let it slide.