Friday, February 09, 2007

Must.... control.....hand....of.....death!!

grrrrr I'm gonna kill that dog sooner or later!

almost 3yo, who is a continual grazer, brings me a pkg of ham (wrapped in plastic, in a freezer bag) that I placed on counter top, intended for this evening's pizza. "Mommy, have a piece of ham?"

"nope," I say, "go put it back on the counter!" Here's where I went awry-- should have checked to see if she indeed got it on the counter...

few minutes later I go to refill my water, and while it's warming up in the microwave (I can't drink it cold when it's 4 above outside!), I notice a piece of plastic wrap on the floor. I think, "huh? Where did that come from?" Then I look to the counter, where sits the empty freezer bag labeled "ham."


She comes tromping in.

"Where did you put the ham?"

"on da floor."

"o.k." I'm not mad at her at all-- like I said, I should have checked.

If it weren't 4 above, that dog would be locked on the back porch all day.....

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